What is Knocki?

Knocki is a revolutionary smart home product offered by Haptic.

The small wireless device turns walls, tables and other common surfaces into remote control interfaces. 

With Knocki discretely mounted on or behind an activated surface, you can tap simple patterns anywhere on the surface to control a growing variety of smart devices and services. 

Experience the freedom of controlling your world through your world, without the privacy concerns of voice control, and without the hassle of pulling out a phone to access an app or having to reach for a button or switch.

There is no other smart home device like it!

What technologies make Knocki possible?

To make Knocki work its magic, Haptic developed several patented technologies including US9996738B2, USD817333S1, and USD820238.

Knocki uniquely integrates sensor technology, hardware, and software to activate surfaces as control interfaces in ways never before possible.

How do I use it?

Simply attach Knocki to a solid surface. Knocki detects and identifies tap or knock patterns on tables, walls, counters, doors, and more. Using the free app, you can specify actions that correspond to a certain number or pattern of knocks.

For example, you can stick Knocki behind your nightstand and then knock your nightstand to turn out lights and set an alarm.

    Tell me a few of the things I can do with Knocki.

    The possibilities are endless, but here are just a few ideas:

    Stick Knocki on your front door and receive a message on your phone if someone knocks the door. With a few quick taps on your kitchen counter, you can ring your lost phone. Tap on your nightstand to turn off a lamp and set your alarm.

    Knocki comes with a huge variety of automated functions that can be selected via the Smartphone app, but also works with Philips Hue, Nest, Lifx, countless services through IFTTT, and a growing list of 3rd party automation tools and smart home APIs.

    What about voice control?

    Smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home are everywhere, but they have a few problems.

    • Privacy Concerns: Voice control relies on microphones to hear you and transmit what you say to the internet.  When devices are able to listen-in, that's a real privacy issue.
    • Background Noise: Music or a TV playing in the background can render voice-control useless.  Knocki uses non-acoustic sensors so it works just as well if you’re jamming to music, watching the evening news, or if people are talking in the background.
    • Can Disturb Others:  Voice control is problematic in quiet environments such as a shared office or in bedrooms where you don’t want to disturb others. Knocki’s advanced accelerometer technology responds to gentle taps that others won’t hear.
    • It Often Misunderstands: Did you say “where is Rome” or “navigate home?” Voice technology is finicky, especially with kids, elderly, and people with accents who might not enunciate in the required way. Knocki uses simple tap/knock gestures, and our patent-pending technology to perform reliably whether you tap fast, slow, hard, or soft.


    What surfaces work with Knocki?

    Any solid surface works - wood, stone, drywall, and more. Put it on a wall, a table, a door, even hide it under a table top to add interactivity and automate an endless array of actions. Knocki's sensitivity can be adjusted via the companion app so it will even work on granite or marble!

    Can a single Knocki device do more than one thing?

    Yes! Knocki can be programmed with up to 10 unique tap gestures such as a trip-tap or two double-taps.  Most people just set up a few. Each unique gesture can trigger a set of tasks called a task list.  This can be a single task such as turning on a light or up to 5 simultaneous tasks.  

    For example, you can use one simple gesture to simultaneously dim the lights, boot up the TV, and start your Sonos speakers.

    What rooms or general locations work with Knocki?

    Knocki works anywhere it can access a WiFi web connection. This means it works throughout most homes and offices (even in garages or out-houses if within range of WiFi).

    How does Knocki connect to other devices?

    Knocki can be configured to control a huge variety of devices and programs through our smartphone app for iOS & Android (but a smartphone is not required after the Knocki is set up).

    Knocki uses WiFi to connect to an automation server in the cloud, so when you transmit a command by knocking a surface, the server identifies the corresponding action and sends it to the appropriate device, software, or service.

    Any internet-connected device or software with an open platform can be controlled through Knocki. Knocki can also connect to a variety of free online automation "recipe" tools like IFTTT so you can create unlimited new functions.

    Do I need to have a smart home to use Knocki?

    Nope!  A smart home is not necessary.

    Knocki is ready to do things even if you don't already have smart devices. For example, you'll be able to make your lost phone ring, send notifications, order pizza, and more. If you own (or plan to own) smart devices like Wemo, Nest, or Philips Hue, Knocki can easily link to them. The possibilities will continue to grow as we build-out new integrations and push out new app updates.

    Can I have multiple Knockis in the same home or office?

    Yes, multiple Knockis can be used in the same home, office, or other area - each one with its own location-specific functionality. Because Knockis rely on mechanical sensors and not sound, multiple Knockis used on different surfaces will not conflict with each other. All your Knockis can be managed from one app, available for Android and iOS.

    Is Knocki affected by sound?

    Unlike smart speakers like Alexa, Knocki does not rely on microphones or audio sensors, and never listens in.  Instead, it uses non-acoustic motion algorithms to intelligently decipher knocks or taps on a surface corresponding to the actions you specify.  

    So turn up the music, clap your hands, and do whatever you do, knowing that Knocki will "behave" until you're ready to use it.

    Knocki reminds me of the Clapper. Is it similar?

    The Clapper was innovative circa 1985, but today's technology allows for dramatic improvements.

    Knocki can be programmed to perform a wide variety of useful tasks, doesn't require a power outlet, and can control other apps and objects an unlimited distance away via its web connectivity. Unlike the clapper, Knocki will not be triggered accidentally by random environmental noise such as a dog barking.

    What is the underlying technology behind Knocki?

    Knocki is a patented solution that harnesses sophisticated sensor algorithms combined with careful power budgeting logic to deliver an enjoyable and seamless experience.

    Order your own Knocki today, and see how it can change your life!

    Can I modify or configure Knocki with my smartphone?

    Yes, Knocki includes a companion app for both iOS and Android.

    Does Knocki need to be plugged-in or linked to a smartphone?

    The only thing Knocki requires is a location within range of a WiFi internet connection. Just stick it on a surface and it's ready to work, even if your smartphone is turned off. Knocki runs on ordinary AAA batteries.

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    Explore our support page or feel free to contact us directly at support@knocki.com.