Turn Any Surface into a Remote Control

Knocki is a smart device that gives you control of your favorite functions through the surfaces around you.

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"I got a chance to try out Knocki, and it really does function quite well..."

"Knocki is immediately accessible by way of its simplicity."

"...I was impressed by the quick demo they gave me."

Tackle any Task, Large or Small

Instantly turn ordinary walls and tables into powerful touch control interfaces for your favorite actions.

Bring Any Surface to Life

Tap anywhere on an activated surface to instantly trigger one or more tasks.

It's easy to customize Knocki so that your favorite actions are just a few taps away.

Knocki works right out of the box, even if you don't have a smart home. Use Knocki find your lost phone, order pizza, or even get alerts when someone knocks your front door!

What About Voice Control?

Although voice control can be useful, it has problems when it comes to privacy and usability.

Unlike smart speakers, Knocki has no microphone so it can't records your conversations. That means your privacy comes first.

Plus, Knocki works just as well in noisy settings and using Knocki in quiet environments won't disturb others.

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Tap into the possibilities

Find Phone

Make your lost phone ring just by tapping a surface near you.

Toggle Lights

Why reach for a light switch or speak long voice commands?

Turn on TV

Boot-up your TV through the coffee table while you search for the remote.

Climate Control

Don’t break a sweat controlling your climate. Tap to cool or warm your space.

Brew Coffee

Start your morning brew from bed and tackle your day with convenience!

Control Music

Tap into your favorite tunes without yelling over your smart speaker.

Send Alerts

Send or receive a message when your door is knocked, or with your own tap pattern.

Set the Mood

With a simple gesture, play romantic music and dim all the lights.


Toggle your phone’s flashlight to access lighting with just a few taps.

Manage Time

Log start and stop times to a spreadsheet to manage your time more easily.

Order Pizza

Get pizza delivered to your door without saying a word or opening an app.

and More....

The possibilities are endless! Activate your entire space with smart surfaces.

Easy Setup

Create an Account

It's quick and easy to set up Knocki through our mobile app for iOS & Android.

Connect a Knocki Device

Mount Knocki on (or under) a surface, and connect it to your WiFi network.

Add Gestures & Tasks

Add your gestures (tap patterns) and select the tasks to trigger.


After setup, Knocki works on its own through WiFi (even if your phone is off).

Knocki works with...

Customer Reviews

Filip C.

Just received my first Knocki.  Works great!

Kristina B.

I use Knocki daily in my Kitchen & bedroom.
I love them.

Diego Borges

Couldn’t live without them - loving the new
sensor mode feature.

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