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Turn any surface into a remote control with Knocki.

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"I got a chance to try out Knocki, and it really does function quite well..."


"Knocki is immediately accessible by way of its simplicity."


"...device that makes surfaces smart reaches funding in an hour."


"...I was impressed by the quick demo that they gave me before the campaign launched."


" of the top ten emerging startups in Home Automation..."

Meet Knocki

A small wireless device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces (walls, tables, doors, furniture, countertops and more) into powerful yet easy to access remote controls for the smart technology around you.

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How it works

Step 1: Activate a surface

Mount Knocki to a surface to turn that surface into a control.

Step 2: Set up a gesture

Through the Knocki mobile app, you set up knocking pattern (gesture) and assign that pattern to trigger certain smart device actions within your environment.

Step 3: Perform gesture pattern

Once a gesture is set, you can perform that gesture at anytime to trigger the assigned set of tasks (eg. knock 3 times to close the garage door).

Step 4: See your world change

Then simply watch the command be carried out from right where you are with a simple haptic gesture. 

Just a few of the many uses...

Turn your lights on/off

Forget about light switches or smarthome apps. Control of your lights is a tap away.

Find your lost phone

Easily make your lost phone ring with a simple tap gesture. Find your phone instantly.

Climate control with a tap

Set the temperature to your preferred settings for night, day or away from any surface.

Know if a door is knocked

Get a notification on your phone when someone knocks your door, even when away.

Brew coffee from bed

Start your coffee machine the moment you wake up and tackle your day.

Receive an alert when mail arrives

Know instantly when your mail or packages have been delivered to your mailbox.

Set the mood with a knock

Turn on romantic music and dim the lights instantly so you can enjoy the moment.

Text when leaving or arriving

Notify a loved one when you leave work or arrive home.

Tap into the technology you love