Turn Any Surface into a Remote Control

Knocki is a smart device that gives you control of your favorite functions through the surfaces around you.

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"I got a chance to try out Knocki, and it really does function quite well..."

"Knocki is immediately accessible by way of its simplicity."

"...I was impressed by the quick demo they gave me."

Tackle any Task, Large or Small

Instantly transform tables, walls, doors, and more into powerful control interfaces so that your favorite tasks are always within reach.

Bring Any Surface to Life

With just a few quick taps on a surface, you can instantly start a task (or even a whole list of tasks). Simplicity and convenience is just a tap away. 

Knocki blends beautifully into any environment.  It can even be mounted invisibly under a table or behind a nightstand.

No smart home?  No problem! -  Knocki does many things right out of the box.  For example, you can set up a gesture to find your lost phone, order pizza, or even get a message if someone knocks your front door.

What About Voice Control?

Knocki has no microphone and never listens-in, avoiding the privacy concerns we've all heard about with voice control systems.

Plus, Knocki works equally well in loud environments, and won’t disturb others in quiet environments like bedrooms.

Imagine crawling into bed, and with a few gentle taps anywhere on your nightstand, turn off the lights and set the alarm, all without dictating voice commands and disturbing your partner.

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Knocki works with...

Easy to Setup

Register or Log In

Get the app to get started. Creating an account is quick, easy, and free.

Connect a Knocki Device

Get your Knocki devices connected to your account and WiFi network.

Add Gestures & Tasks

Set up your gestures (tap patterns) and define the tasks to trigger.


After setup, Knocki works on its own through WiFi (even if your phone is off).

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Knocki brings any surface to life. This original edition Knocki works as beautifully as it looks.

Black Edition

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Stealthy and sleek, the black edition looks sharp while blending discreetly into any environment.

3 Pack

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Get 3 Knocki devices to add smart surfaces and delightful simplicity anywhere in your home or office.

5 Pack

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Get 5 Knocki devices to transform your whole environment into an awesome control interface.