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Technology should make our lives easier,

so why does controlling it feel so complicated?  An endless maze of mobile apps, smart switches, and other interfaces create a confusing and fragmented experience.  We believe there's a better way - Knocki offers the simplest, most natural, and accessible way to control the world around you.
You've never seen anything like it!

Meet Knocki

Knocki is a small wireless device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces (walls, tables, doors, furniture, countertops, & more) into powerful yet easy to access remotes for your favorite devices and software.

Bring your surfaces to life.

With Knocki attached to a surface, the entire surface transforms into a touch interface. Our sophisticated and patent-pending technology enables Knocki to sense touch gestures anywhere on the surface.

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Put them everywhere.

Make surfaces throughout your home or office smart with multiple Knockis. Bring the surfaces around you to life.

Tackle any task, big or small.

Knocki allows you to control your world in the simplest and most accessible way.  With a Knocki powered environment, your favorite functions are always within reach.

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Just a Few of the Many Uses...

With Knocki attached, an entire surface transforms into a touch interface.  Our sophisticated and patent-pending technology enables you to control a wide variety of functions using quick and simple gestures.

Turn your
lights on/off.

Forget about light switches or smarthome apps.  Control of your lights is a tap away.

Find your
lost phone.

Easily make your lost phone ring with a simple tap gesture. Find your phone instantly.

Climate control
with a tap.

Set the temperature to your preferred settings for night, day or away from any surface.

Know if a door
is knocked.

Get a notification on your phone when someone knocks your door, even when away.

Activate your
security alarm.

Tap or knock your nightstand to activate an alarm or send a distress signal instantly.

Receive an alert
when mail arrives.

Know instantly when your mail or packages have been delivered to your mailbox.

A smart lock's
perfect companion.

No phone/keys?  Set a temporary or permanent unique pattern for access.

Tap into your
favorite tunes.

Play, skip or pause your music without a phone, remote, or shouting voice commands.

Set the mood
with a gesture.

Turn on romantic music and dim the lights instantly so you can enjoy the moment.

Text when
leaving or arriving.

Notify your partner when you’re leaving/arriving your home or work.

Set or snooze
an alarm.

Why reach for a phone?  Don’t even open your eyes to set or snooze an alarm.

Brew coffee
from bed.

Start your coffee machine the moment you wake up and tackle your day.

"I got a chance to try out Knocki, and it really
does function quite well..."

"...device that makes surfaces smart reaches
funding in an hour."

"Knocki is immediately accessible
by way of its simplicity."

Tap into the Technology You Love.

nest thermostat
philips hue
wemo switch
smart plug
nest cam
nest protect
wemo coffeemaker
google calendar
google mail
wemo lighting
post http
sms messaging

...and hundreds more.

Our list of integrations is constantly growing.

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